Editorial Policy

The academic journal “Metamorphosis of History” is an online periodical publishing scholarly articles of leading Russian and foreign specialists, reflecting the results of modern research on world history, history of international relations, intellectual history, aspects of international security, Russian-Belarusian relations and historical regional studies.

The online academic journal “Metamorphosis of History” provides readers with unlimited access to publications. Quality of the Journal publications is verified by the professional community of experts in the relevant fields. The materials of the Journal are intended not only for specialists, but also for readers interested in the issues of world and Russian history.

The online academic journal “Metamorphosis of History” guarantees:

1) permanence of article storage;

2) invariability of the Internet address;

3) authenticity and absence of changes in the text of the publications.

The online academic journal “Metamorphosis of History” is guided in its activity by the editorial policy and the publication ethics principles. The Code of Scientific Publications Ethics was designed in accordance with the International Standards of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

The Journal publishes research and methodological articles, surveys, reports, reviews, proceedings of academic conferences and seminars, academic discussions, and commented translations of sources.

All materials are published in the Journal free of charge for authors.


During the calendar year, 4 regular issues are published (1 issue per quarter). The volume of the issue cannot exceed 15 publications.


The author grants to the publisher of the journal “Metamorphosis of History” the right to publish and distribute his/her article on a royalty-free basis. The author confirms that he/she provides to the Editorial Office the manuscript of the original research. Bibliographic references to research papers, which influenced the course of the study, should be presented. Borrowed fragments or statements should be formatted according to the rules of citation with the indication of the author and the original source. The author undertakes not to appropriate the rights to the results of someone else's research.


Research articles published in the Journal are indexed in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), The European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS), Index Copernicus International Journals Master List, Google Scholar. According to the international standard of scientific periodicals, every article receives its unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier).